Welcome to the website of the Conference in Sex and Affectivity of Intellectual Disability people (ID)

We would like to welcome you to the website of the Conference in disABILITY People: Sex and Affectivity

This initiative emerges from a proven reality regarding situations of abuse that people with intellectual disability are suffering in our country. The limited and scarce information and education that they receive related to this issue make them really vulnerable to understand, discern and respond to risk situations. If we take into account the fragility in which their identity is built, based on how they are looked by the society, we understand why the ability to say NO remains very resentful and builds social relations based on the concept of Social Desirability, that is, in other words, satisfying what they think people want to feel and trying to make people happy just to notice that they can be accepted by the others.

We hope you will meet in this conference the proper mechanisms to help and accompany ID people just as they need: living their sexuality and affectivity in a healthy way.

On the other hand, we are professionals that come with ID people in the transition to adult life and what it moves our will is to give them an equitable, honest, transparent and fair answers. We think that the best intervention is doing an accurate prevention, actually the other reason that has led us to start with this project. It emerges to enlighten ID people’s reality firstly through this conference and it will go on with our firm determination to set up the Sexaffectivity Orientation and Advice Service, a facility addressed to ID people, their relatives and the professionals who attend them in Girona city and province.

Fortunately in our country we have professionals with enough training and expertise so we can be taught and oriented to make this need a reality.

Thanks for your confidence. We are looking forward to see you soon.

ELNA for the functional diversity Foundation staff

You are welcome to contact us with the following contact form or via sexoafectiviat@fundacioelna.org

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